AI Optimization Algorithm

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The AC-3 algorithm simplifies a constraint satisfaction problem using the constraints to prune out values from the variables domain.

In this article, we will see how the AC-3 algorithm works and the implementation in Python.

How It Works

We can represent the AC-3 algorithm in 3 steps:

Reducing the Binary File Size

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In my last post, I showed you how to configure, develop, and generate a WASM file via GoLang. In this post, I will show you the best practices and how to use these strategies in a real modern web project.

Why Reduce the Binary File Size

If you already generate a web assembly binary file using Go, you’ve probably noticed how big the file size is. As we load this binary file on a web page, it will affect the load of other assets on the page. It can affect Time to Interactive (TTI) as well. TTI measures how long it takes a page to become…

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Why Do We Need WebAssembly?

Today web and mobile applications are the primary vehicles for providing software solutions to users around the world. Applications that we had only in desktop apps today are available for browsers like graphics, photo and video editors; music and video players; and so on.

To use a sophisticated tool in a web browser, sometimes you need to use a specific language, not JavaScript. We have to use a language that provides an easy way to build that type of application. …

AI optimization algorithms

A drawing of a brain with one side in black and white and the other in multiple colors.
A drawing of a brain with one side in black and white and the other in multiple colors.
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The goal of linear programming is to minimize a cost function that has some number of variables (x₁, x₂, x₃) all the way up to x𝑛. Those variables are involved in things that I want to know the values to, and they might be multiplied by a coefficient and then added together.

With linear programming, we are just dealing with linear equations, so we’re not going to square or cube anything.

Also, we’ll have some linear constraints:

With the following bound for…

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When you have a Next.js application you probably use Styled JSX to write the style of your components. It is because Next.js includes Styled JSX by default in your project. If this is your case or you’re just using Styled JSX by yourself and you want to implement a Dark/Light mode switch on your website this article is for you.

We will implement a simple theme toggle (Dark <-> Light ) using some techniques with this CSS-in-JS library and JavaScript in four steps.

First Step: Defining Your Themes

The first step is to choose the right colors for your dark and light themes. Defining the…

AI Optimization Algorithm

The Simulated Annealing algorithm is commonly used when we’re stuck trying to optimize solutions that generate local minimum or local maximum solutions, for example, the Hill-Climbing algorithm. So we use the Simulated Annealing algorithm to have a better solution to find the global maximum or global minimum.

Why Simulated Annealing?

It’s called Simulated Annealing because it’s modeling after a real physical process of annealing something like a metal. When you heat a particular metal, there’s a lot of energy there, and you can move things around quite systematically. But over time, as the system cools down, it eventually settles into a final position.

One of the main purposes of Web Components is to provide encapsulation — being able keeping the markup structure and style hidden and separate from other code on the page so that different parts do not clash; this way the code can be kept nice and clean.

Shadow DOM gives us scoped style encapsulation and a means to let in as much (or as little) of the outside world as we choose.

But what if I want to make my component customizable for some style properties?

This article covers the basics of using CSS Custom Properties to penetrate the Shadow…

In my last post, I showed you how to create, test, and build a monorepo repository. In this article, I will show you how to automate the publishing of your monorepo to NPM using GitHub Actions.

What are GitHub Actions?

GitHub Actions allow for automating workflows based on repository events such as push, issue creation, or the creation of a new release.

Workflows are composed of jobs, which run concurrently by default. Each job should represent a separate part of your workflow described using steps.

For the propose of this article, we will have one job that will describe what steps must be followed…

How to use JSDoc to type your JavaScript code

TypeScript is not suitable for all projects, but if you want to have Typed JavaScript in your current project, this is probably a great strategy to start with.

We’ll see how to configure your project to have this support and how to use the JSDoc to add type to your code.

Let’s Create Our Project

Step 1: Install a bundler and the TypeScript on dev dependencies

First, we have to install the TypeScript. The TypeScript will check the types on our code based on the JSDoc. In this example, I will use the microbundle bundler to minify our code and produce ESM, CJS, UMD bundles.

$ npm init -y
$ npm i -D typescript microbundle

Step 2: Configure the TypeScript

The simplest way to load an asset (JavaScript, CSS, Image) using JavaScript or TypeScript

Web apps often use third-party APIs to provide a feature on a specific route of the application. Many of these APIs are heavy and don’t have a package on NPM. The usual way to add these APIs on a web app is by adding it to the main HTML file. Using this approach will affect a lot the page load time. If it’s a JavaScript file, for example, it will download, compile, and execute the script.

What if we could avoid loading these APIs on the page first load? This would help the page content load quicker, reduce overall network…

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